Work from Home Outfit Ideas for Quarantine

by Jaime Luis Aldecoa on April 21, 2020

It's obvious what's happening with the world right now. The current coronavirus pandemic has forced people to work remotely.

Finding the right outfit to wear can be thrown out the window when you're working from home. What some fail to understand is that neglecting your day-to-day routine en-route to work can hinder productivity.

Communication will still be possible as you will be seeing your colleagues via Skype or Zoom for everyday meetings. Such a requirement will need you t be dressed for the part.

It's a good thing too that today's CEOs have been embracing a more laid-backs style to work. It has set a trend that employees are allowed to follow suit.

So whether you're a CEO, young professionals, or whichever type of artist, here are some outfit ideas you can use when working from home.

Throw something over a sports bra

Even girl bosses imply that there's no harm in showing a little bit of skin.

Whether it's a sleeveless dress or a hanging top for those high-waisted bottoms, they have influenced a combination of confidence with a little bit of norm-breaking.

In this case, there's nothing wrong with wearing a sports bra when working from home. Just be sure to throw something over it when you're in a meeting.

A jacket or a fitted blazer will do the trick. Maybe even an unbuttoned blouse.

As long as you are able to pull off decent-looking style out of it, there surely is no harm.

Printed Dresses for holistic living

Digital nomads scream holistic living. Working remotely has given them the flexibility of real work-life balance.

It shows even in the way they dress. You'll see them working at a quiet corner wearing spandex clothing or anything with moisture-wicking and SPF.

One way to be creative is to wear printed dresses to work. It looks trendy and hip when you're on a video call.

It also gives a vibe that you are living holistically in the comforts of your home. As long as you don't dress sloppy, nothing should go wrong.

Leggings because why not?

Speaking of holistic living, printed leggings work too!

Yes, there are ladies who do yoga while working at home. Those pictures you see of women on a yoga pose while working on their laptops are real. People actually do that. 

Besides, unless you are having online fitness lessons or your boss just wants to check how professional you are, it is very rare that you will have to show your full body on Skype or Zoom. But if you do, make sure you wear a nice pair of yoga pants or leggings.

Acting professional in your own home helps with your productivity when working remotely. With that in mind, you will have to dress to the bottom too.


The point here is that bottoms are just as essential as your tops when it comes to dressing to work even when at home.