The Versatility of Printed Swimwear

by Jaime Luis Aldecoa on October 15, 2019

The versatility of printed swimwear came out of an unexpected accident. It entered fashion circles in a way that they started using it even without pools and beaches.

The swimsuit trend is playing out pretty well in the fashion world. Influencers have started adding creative ways to use printed swimwear in the streets.

It's so charming that people do not even need the sun and sand to make a statement. The streets are starting to take notice.

Just like wearing pajama and underwear outside, onesies have become significantly popular as well. Its designs become more and more suitable and good-looking to throw in with combinations.

Printed swimwear can now be worn inside and outside. Let's take a look at some ways to rock the versatility of printed swimwear 

1. Instagram Chic

Rock the chic-look by combining denim shorts and a thin coat with your one-piece swimwear. It brings out a cool and refreshing vibe for the summer.

The discovery of a onesie over denim shorts totally became chic since the turn of the millennium. Social media influencers have used it as an enthusiastic and cool way to do some summer modeling. 

After taking off a thin coat, it is very simple however very advanced beautiful collocation. The match is suitable to go out with friends at the dinner party.

2. Modern New Yorker

Walk the streets with a high-waisted and wide-leg pants get up. It gives a taller and slimmer look depending on the footwear you accompany it with.

In addition to the slim frame, it elongates the legs giving an eye-catching boost whenever you walk. Be creative with the combinations of printed swimwear designs and pants. 

3. Easy hack with white and black

Plain colors can sometimes bring out a mature look. Combine a black or white printed design with the same color as pants and accessories.

It's true that black makes a person look leaner as it gives the body a more flattering shape. White, on the other hand, compliments it with a cleaner look.

An easy thing to throw on is to do it with long pants. Black gives you the lean fit frame while the white, high-waisted design lengthens the proportions of the legs.

Wear some bright accessories with it to break the seriousness of your clothing. This simple weekday look can go a long way. 

So much for that, check out for some of the latest printed swimwear designs you can wear on the streets.