The Importance of Wearing the Right Sports Bra

by Jaime Luis Aldecoa on August 13, 2019

Some active women think that wearing a sports bra alone will solve it. Often overlooked is the factor of having the most supportive sports bra.

It has always been an agenda to develop our range of sports bras, one that caters to all women of all shapes and sizes.

Just like new shoes, finding a fitting sports bra that is close to heart is important. The benefits of it can be seen in both your health and your performance. 

What is the ideal fit?

Ideally, women prefer wearing sports bras to minimize the impact of chest movement.

It must be designed in such a way that it allows ease of movement in all other areas except for the breasts, basically hold them in place throughout your workout.

The ideal fit shouldn't feel suffocating. It should offer a comfortable balance of stretch and support for its intended impact and activity.

Fabrics should be high quality but still breathable. It must be hypoallergenic and have superior moisture management.

It shouldn't only keep you adequately dry but also allow ample air flow to keep the body cool.

It's all about the impact

There are three types of impact for sports bras. There is high, medium, and low impact.

High-impact sports bras are used for activities with lots of bounce. It offers more compression when women are subjected to a lot up-down movements. High impact sports bras are used for dancing, running, High Intensity Interval Training, and other competitive sports.

Middle-impact sports bras are used when activities aren't too bouncy or strenuous. Support is needed but not too much of it. Example of middle-impact activities are cross-training and water sports.

Low-impact workouts are the ones that require the least amount of bounce. Activities such as yoga, hiking, pilates and weight training fall into this category.

The overall goal of wearing a sports bra

Lack of movement is inevitable when wearing a sports bra. The focus is more on your own training comfort and optimal performance.

The plus factor is some style points.

Printed sports bras give a lot of those style points. With a number of sublimation-printed and customizable designs, Zbazaar is the place. has a large selection of printed sports bras that not only offer the necessary compression for your purpose but also the style points you need to earn.

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