Printed Leggings for Pants? Here's why it's a good idea

by Jaime Luis Aldecoa on May 21, 2019

Jeans have been a staple of leg wear since it became a trend. The thick fabric has been cut and styled differently to set a trend for each decade.

But as each decade progressed, so is the material they use. From sturdy thick denim cotton fabric to a more stretchable material. 

Skinny jeans used to be the go-to for showing definition for your legs. Then they started combining jeans and leggings.

Now, printed spandex leggings is taking over and pants are suddenly pushed to "special occasion" wear.

Printed leggings are taking over

It used to be called "jeggings" where denim designs are sublimated into spandex or poly-spandex fabric.

This so called leggings invasion has been widely accepted even by men as actual leg wear. The emergence of athleisure clothing can be held responsible for this.

People started seeking more comfort and of all the leg wear mentioned on this list, printed spandex is the most convenient.

It's lightweight, super stretchable, and very comfortable to wear anywhere you go. It also can withstand harsh everyday conditions such as sun or rainfall.

The cost for production of each pair is cheaper hence, selling price is usually lower in the market. You can actually buy three to four pairs of printed leggings for the price of one pair of jeans.

Where to buy?

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