Experimental fashion for 2020

by Jaime Luis Aldecoa on January 14, 2020

Sublimated clothing is starting to become a thing. This new minimalist concept is composed of simply wearing printed clothing and nothing extra. It's the printed sublimation design that does all the work for the wearer fashion-wise.

Fashion companies have created their own lines of printed clothing before. Such art has led to experimentation with wearing these colorful designs. The possibilities are endless as to how a wearer can approach dressing themselves up with sublimation prints.

One possible approach is to achieve a sporty look by wearing minimally-printed dresses. These designs are commonly seen in athleisure lines. It's usually composed of one to two printed designs on a plain color base.

Some would want to go the artistic approach and wear a stretchy canvass of colorful sublimated prints that seem timeless to wear. These vibrant designs stand out especially during the day.

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